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Trouble Running; Symbols And Their Meaning; Disposing; Warranty - Märklin T12 Bedienungsanleitung



5. Trouble Running

If the train does not run, check the following:
• Is address set correctly on the IR-Controler (Page 4)?
• Are all the train's wheels on the track?
• Is a connecting wire to the layout damaged? Replace the
damaged wire.
Mechanical resistance by the model is recognized by the
decoder. The decoder then switches the motor off with
blinking headlights. When the mechanical problems have
been corrected, the model, after it had been without current,
can be put back into operation.

6. Symbols and Their Meaning

indicates adherence to all basic safety and health
Toy for use with a transformer
Rated voltage
22 V ~

7. Disposing

Products marked with a trash container with a
line through it may not be disposed of at the
end of their useful life in the normal household
trash. They must be taken to a collection point
for the recycling of electrical and electronic
devices. There is a symbol on the product, the
operating instructions, or the packaging to this
effect. The materials in these items can be used again
according to this marking. By reusing old devices, materially
recycling, or recycling in some other form of old devices
such as these you make an important contribution to the
protection of our environment. Please ask your city, town,
community, or county authorities for the location of the
appropriate disposal site.

8. Warranty

The warranty card included with this product specifies the
warranty conditions.
• Please contact your authorized Märklin dealer for repairs
or contact:
Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH
Stuttgarter Str. 55 - 57
73033 Göppingen
 +49 7161 608 222
E-Mail: Service@maerklin.de



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