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Normal Use; Contents As Delivered; Safety Notes; Important Information - Märklin 59080 Bedienungsanleitung



Normal Use

• This digital installation decoder is designed for installation in
Märklin 1 Track turnouts with a turnout mechanism 59079.
• This decoder may only be used in dry areas indoors.

Contents as Delivered

1 digital installation decoder
2 screw
Installation instructions
Warranty card
Additional tools required for installation: tweezers and solder-
ing station for a maximum soldering temperature of 30 watts /
300˚ Celsius / 572˚ Fahrenheit with a fi ne point, Electronic solder
(0.5-1 mm dia.), desoldering braid or desoldering pump.

Safety Notes

• IMPORTANT! This product has sharp edges and points related
to its function.
• Do wiring and assembly work only in a voltage-free work
environment. Otherwise you may experience electrical current
dangerous to the body leading to injury.
• Operate this decoder only with the permissible voltage
(see technical information).
When using a solder station there is the danger of burning
your skin.

Important Information

• Important: When installing the digital installation decoder,
try to avoid touching components on the upper side of the
decoder. Static charge can affect the function of the decoder.
• The operating instructions are a component part of the
product and must therefore be kept with the product,
particularly when it is given to another party.
• For repairs please see your authorized Märklin specialty
• http://www.maerklin.com/en/imprint.html

Technical Data

• Load at turnout output
• Voltage for the digital power circuit max. 20 volts eff.
• Electrical strength


• Capable of multi-protocols: fx (MM) and DCC
• Mode of operation set with DIP switches
• Addresses can be set with DIP switches:
1-256 fx (MM) (Control Unit 6021/Mobile Station 60651/652)
1-320 fx (MM) (Central Station/Mobile Station 60653/657)
1-511 (DCC)
• Programmable addresses using CVs –>
1-2044 DCC
• Changes to characteristics can be done with CVs
• Power supply done using the digital power circuit
max. 300 amps
max. 40 volts

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