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Safety Instructions; Operation - Conrad 64 64 43 Bedienungsanleitung



Radio Controlled Switch Set
433 MHz
Item no. 64 64 43
Item no. 64 64 52
Intended Use
The product consists of a radio controlled main socket and a radio controlled hand-held trans-
mitter. By means of the hand-held transmitter a consumer load connected to the radio controlled
main socket can be turned on or off.
All safety instructions and notes on operation in this manual must be observed. These instruc-
tions not only protect the device but, in particular, your health. Please read the entire operating
manual before using the product.
This product complies with the applicable National and European specifications. All names of
companies and products are trademarks of the respective owner. All rights reserved.
Product contents
• With item no. 646433: 1x radio controlled main socket
With item no. 646452: 3x radio controlled main socket
• radio controlled hand-held transmitter
• 12V special battery for the hand-held transmitter
• Operating Instructions

Safety instructions

The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe
these safety instructions. We do not assume any liability for any consequen-
tial damage!
We do not accept liability for damage to property or personal injury caused by
improper handling or non-compliance with the safety instructions. The war-
ranty will be void in such cases.
• The unauthorized opening, conversion and/or modification of the product is inad-
missible because of safety and approval reasons (CE).
• Do not use this product in hospitals or medical institutions. Although the product
emits only relatively weak radio signals, these may lead to malfunction of life-sup-
porting systems. The same may be the case in other areas.
• The product is designed in accordance with protection class I. Only a correct mains
socket (230V/50Hz with protective conductor) for the public supply grid may be
used as the source of power for the power unit.
• The hand-held transmitter is powered by a 12V battery (type "23A").
• The product is not a toy and must be kept out of the reach of children. Therefore,
be especially careful when children are around. Children might try to put objects
through the openings of the power outlet for example. There is the danger of a
lethal electric shock!
• The product must only be used in dry interiors, it must not get damp or wet. Never
touch the product and the mains plug, respectively, with wet or damp hands when
trying to connect to the radio controlled main socket.
There is the danger of a lethal electric shock!
• Never remove a mains plug from the radio controlled mains socket by pulling the
power cable. Always pull the plug from the socket in the radio controlled switch
main socket by the gripping area provided on the side.
• Do not put more than one adaptor onto the unit!
• The unit is only without current, when the main plug is disconnected from the
• Do not overload the radio controlled switch main socket (observe input power in
the technical data at the end of the operating manual!).
• Do not leave packing materials unattended. They may become dangerous play-
things for children.
• Handle the product with care, it can be damaged by impacts, blows, or accidental
drops, even from a low height.
• If the housing of the product is damaged, do not use the product any more! When
it is connected to the mains, neither touch the radio controlled switch socket nor
the connected device! First switch off the mains socket to which the radio con-
trolled main socket is connected (i.e. switch off the circuit breaker). Then you can
remove the radio controlled mains socket from the mains socket. Take the product
to a specialist workshop or dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.
Version 10/11
A Control-LED (lits up on use of buttons)
B Keypad for switching channels 1 to 4 (left column "ON" = on, right column "OFF" = off)
C Coding switch
G Battery compartement for 12V cell
E Control-LED (lits up on activated mains socket on the front side)
F Front main socket for connection of a consumer load with child-proof lock
G Coding switch
H Coding switch for switch channel selection 1, 2, 3, 4
Safety plug for connection to the mains socket
Inserting/Replacing the batteries
Open the battery compartement (D) on the back of the hand-held transmitter and insert a 12V-
battery (type "23A") with the correct polarity (observe imprint in the battery compartement or the
figure). Close the battery compartment.
Replacing the batteries is necessary if the range of the hand-held transmitter is remarkable
reducing or the control-LED (A) does no longer light up on use of buttons.
Setting of the address codes
On the hand-held transmitter as well as on the radio controlled mains socket one of four address
codes (
be operated without influencing each other.
Select an address code on the hand-held transmitter (
exactly the same addresscode on the belonging radio controlled mains socket(s); use a screw-
driver for turning the coding switch (G).
Setting the switching channel of the radio controlled
mains socket
On the back of the radio controlled mains socket there is a further coding switch (H) that is
marked by the number "1", "2", "3" and "4". It is used to select one of the four switching channels
(the hand-held transmitter has also imprinted the number "1", "2", "3" and "4") if there are oper-
ated more than one radio controlled mains socket.
Start-up, Test of functions
Plug the radio controlled mains socket (without connected consumer load!) into the designated
shockproof mains socket.
You can now test the function of the radio controlled mains socket by briefly pressing the respec-
tive "ON"-button of the corresponding switching channel (1, 2, 3 or 4). The red control-LED (E)
on the radio controlled mains socket lights up. The mains socket (F) on the front is now activat-
ed; mains voltage is available and a connected consumer load is turned on.
Briefly press the button "OFF" of the switching channel and the control-LED (E) is turned off;
mains voltage at the mains socket (F) and thusly the connected consumer load is turned off.


Connect the consumer load to the mains socket (F).
By using the respective "ON" or "OFF" button of the switching channel at the hand-held trans-
mitter the radio controlled mains socket is turned on/off again with the same set switching chan-
nel (control-LED (E) lights up or is terminated).
for one of the four address codes
for one of the four address codes
) can be set. Thusly up to four identical radio controlled switch sets can
If there are different codes set on the hand-held transmitter and the radio controlled
mains socket, the mains socket will not react on the switching signals of the hand-
held transmitter!
It is of course possible to set the same switching channel for two or more radio con-
trolled mains sockets. By this the two radio controlled mains sockets are activated or
deactivated by one keystroke.
Please observe the section "Technical Data" for the admissible maximum perform-
) via sliding switch (C). Set



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