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Omni desk barcode-scanner


Omni desk barcode scanner
Item no. 1091697
Intended use
The barcode scanner is designed for quick and reliable scanning of common barcodes e.g. UPC or EAN.
The scanned codes can be inserted directly into documents or forms on a connected computer. The barcode
scanner is suitable for use in shops, warehouses or offices.
For safety and approval purposes (CE), you must not rebuild and/or modify this product. If you use the
product for purposes other than those described above, the product may be damaged. In addition, improper
use can cause hazards such as short circuiting, fire, electric shock etc. Read the instructions carefully and
keep them. Make this product available to third parties only together with its operating instructions.
This product complies with the statutory national and European requirements. All company names and
product names are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Delivery content
• Barcode scanner
• USB cable
• Manufacturer's instructions
• Operating instructions
Safety instructions
Read the operating instructions carefully and especially observe the safety information.
If you do not follow the safety instructions and information on proper handling in this
manual, we assume no liability for any resulting personal injury or damage to property.
Such cases will invalidate the warranty/guarantee.
a) Persons / Product
• It is intended for indoor use only. Do not use it outdoors. Contact with moisture, e.g. in
bathrooms, must be avoided under all circumstances.
• The product is equipped with a class 1 laser.
• Never look into the laser beam and never point it at people or animals. Laser radiation can
seriously damage your eyes.
• Do not point the laser beam at mirrors or other reflective surfaces. The uncontrolled, reflected
beam may strike people or animals.
• Warning! This is a device of Class A. It may cause radio interference in residential areas. In
this case, the user may be required to take suitable measures to correct and eliminate such
• The device is not a toy. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
• Do not leave packaging material lying around carelessly. These may become dangerous
playing material for children.
• Protect the product from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, strong jolts, high humidity,
moisture, flammable gases, vapours and solvents.
• Do not place the product under any mechanical stress.
• If it is no longer possible to operate the product safely, take it out of operation and protect it from
any accidental use. Safe operation can no longer be guaranteed if the product:
- is visibly damaged,
- is no longer working properly,
- has been stored for extended periods in poor ambient conditions or
- has been subjected to any serious transport-related stresses.
• Please handle the product carefully. Jolts, impacts or a fall even from a low height can damage
the product.
• Also observe the safety and operating instructions of any other devices which are connected
to the product.
b) Miscellaneous
• Consult an expert when in doubt about operation, safety or connection of the device.
• Maintenance, modifications and repairs are to be performed exclusively by an expert or at a
qualified shop.
• If you have questions which remain unanswered by these operating instructions, contact our
technical support service or other technical personnel.
Operating elements
Version 05/14
1 Reader unit/ Laser discharge point
2 Foot (adjustable tilt)
3 USB cable with USB plug


Never point the reader unit (1) at persons or animals. Lasers are dangerous.
• Before beginning using the barcode scanner, please read the instructions on scanner settings under
• Place the barcode scanner on a solid, even surface.
• Connect the USB plug (3) to a USB port on your computer.
To disconnect the USB cable from the barcode scanner, insert a thin object, e.g. a bent paper
clip, into the small hole above the connector while simultaneously pulling the USB cable from
the socket.
• Open a document on your computer where you wish to insert the barcode. The barcode will be inserted
at the cursor's position.
• Hold the reader unit at a sufficient distance and correct angle (about 40°) to the barcode. Depending on
the size and type of barcode, you may need to adjust the distance.
• The barcode scanner features a motion sensor that automatically activates the reader unit. When the
LED control indicator (5) lights up red, the barcode scanner is operational. An acoustic signal sounds and
the LED control indicator flashes blue when a barcode is successfully scanned. The barcode is scanned
The barcode scanner is in standby mode when the LED control indicator flashes red.
• The default setting for the barcode scanner is non-directional read mode with 24-line pattern (multi-lines
mode). It is possible to switch the barcode scanner to single-line mode. In that mode, the scan pattern is
deactivated and only one single scan line scans the barcode.
Press the RE-START button (4) to switch the barcode scanner to single-line mode. Then start scanning
the barcodes immediately. Position the reading unit at an appropriate distance and a tilt angle of approx.
40° to the barcode. Press the RE-START button to scan the barcode. When not pressing the RE-START
button for some time, the barcode scanner returns to multi-lines mode automatically.
Tips & notes
• Make sure that the barcode you wish to scan is clean.
• The barcode you wish to scan must be fully visible.
• Observe the correct angle and distance.
• Hold the reader unit horizontal to the barcode.
• Check the settings each time you turn on the device to prevent incorrect readings.
• You can configure the barcode scanner to your field of application. The necessary barcodes are located in
the included manufacturer's manual.
• A high beep sounds when a valid barcode is scanned in setting mode. When an invalid barcode is
scanned, a deep beep sounds.
• Proceed as follows to make settings:
UPDATE (1.1)" to enter settings mode. The LED control indicator (5) lights up blue in settings mode.
- Now scan the appropriate barcodes 2.1.1 to 10.1.4. All barcodes are included in the English-language
manufacturer's manual.
UPDATE (1.1)" to confirm your settings and exit settings mode.
- If you wish to exit settings mode without confirming your settings, scan the barcode "CLOSE
Restoring the barcode scanner
To return the barcode scanner to default settings, scan the barcode 1.1 and 1.3 in the indicated order:
The scanner exits settings mode automatically after you scan this barcode.
Please review the table "Factory default settings" in the manufacturer's manual for the factory
default settings.
4 RE-START button
5 LED control indicator