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Whisking - Beko HBA6700W Bedienungsanleitung

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Mixture Butter + Honey
Butter taken from the freezer (should be kept in the
freezer for min. 4 hrs. and cut into pieces of sizes
approximately 10-15 mm x 35-40 mm) and honey
taken from the refrigerator (should be kept in the
refrigerator min. 1 day).

3.5 Whisking

• You can use the balloon whisk (11) for whipping
cream and beating eggs.
• Never process more than 4 egg whites or 200 ml
1. Insert the balloon whisk (11) into the whisk holder
(9) until it clicks into place.
2. Connect the motor unit (3) to the whisk holder (9)
by putting the whisk holder onto the motor unit.
Push the whisk holder to the motor unit. Make
sure that the whisk holder is securely attached to
the motor unit.
3. Put the ingredients that you would like to process
in the measuring beaker (10) or a similar bowl.
4. Insert the power plug into the wall socket.
5. Hold the balloon whisk (11) into the mixture to be
6. Press and hold the On/Off button (1).
– The appliance starts operating.
7. Press and hold the turbo button (2).
8. Move the appliance slowly up and down and in
circles to whisk the ingredients.
9. Release the On/Off button (1) or turbo button
(2) when you are finished and disconnect the
power plug from the wall socket. Remove the
mixture from the measuring beaker (10). Remove
the motor unit (3) from the whisk holder (9) by
pushing the attachment release buttons (4) at the
two sides of the appliance and pulling it off.
Hand Blender Set / User Manual
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