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Warranty Terms; Scope Of Warranty; Procedure In The Case Of Warranty - Parkside PABK 60 A1 Betriebsanleitung

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Information about warranty and service processing
is defective, you have legal rights vis-à-vis the retailer
of this product. Your statutory rights are not limited
in any way by our warranty detailed below.

Warranty terms

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase.
Please retain the original receipt safely. This receipt
is required as proof of purchase.
Should this device show any fault in materials or
manufacture within three years from date of purchase,
it will be repaired or replaced - at our choice - by us
free of charge. In order for the warranty to be valid,
the defective device and the proof of purchase (re-
ceipt) must be presented within the three-year warranty
period, accompanied by a brief written description
of the nature of the defect and of the date it arose.
If the defect is covered by our warranty, you will re-
ceive the repaired device or replacement in return.
A repair or exchange of the device does not extend
a new warranty period.

Scope of warranty

This device has been manufactured to strict quality
guidelines and meticulously examined before delivery.
The warranty applies to faults in material or manu-
facture. This warranty does not apply to product parts
subject to normal wear and tear and which can there-
fore be considered as wear items, or to damage to
fragile parts, e.g. switches, storage batteries or
glass parts.
This warranty becomes void if the device has been
damaged or improperly used or maintained. All in-
structions provided in the operating instructions must
be followed strictly to constitute proper use of the
product. Purposes and practices which the operat-
ing instructions warn of or advise against must be
avoided without fail.
This product is intended for private, non-commercial
use only. The warranty is void in the case of
32 GB
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inappropriate and improper handling, use of force
and of any intervention which was not carried out
by our authorized service branch.

Procedure in the case of warranty

Please follow the instructions below to ensure quick
processing of your matter:
When inquiring about your product please have
your receipt and product number (e.g. IAN) ready
as your proof of purchase.
The item number can be found on the type plate,
an engraving, the cover page of your instructions
(bottom left) or the decal at the back or bottom. In
the event of malfunctions or other defects please
first contact the service department below by
phone or e-mail.
A product recorded as defective, along with the
proof of purchase (receipt) and a description of the
defect and when it occurred, can then be returned
free of charge to you at the service address provided.
Visit www.lidl-service.com to download
this and many other manuals, product
videos and software.
How to contact us:
C. M. C. GmbH
(standard German landline
rates apply)
Registered office:
IAN 96759
Please note that the following address is not a
service address.
Please first contact the service centre listed above.
28.04.14 09:11