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Safety Information - Parkside PKO 270 A1 Bedienungs- Und Sicherheitshinweise

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The equipment is to be used only for its prescribed
purpose. Any other use is deemed to be a case of mis-
use. The user / operator and not the manufacturer will
be liable for any damage or injuries of any kind caused
as a result of this.
Please note that our equipment has not been designed
for use in commercial, trade or industrial applications.
Our warranty will be voided if the equipment is used
in commercial, trade or industrial businesses or for
equivalent purposes.

5. Safety information

Attention! The following basic safety measures
must be observed when using electric tools for protec-
tion against electric shock, and the risk of injury and
fire. Read all these notices before using the electric
tool and keep the safety instructions for later refer-
Attention! The following basic safety actions must be
taken when using this compressor in order to protect
the user from electric shocks and the risk of injury and
fi re. Read and follow these instructions before using
the equipment.
Safe work
1 Keep the work area orderly
– Disorder in the work area can lead to accidents.
2 Take environmental influences into account
– Do not expose electric tools to rain.
– Do not use electric tools in a damp or wet envi-
ronment. There is a risk of electric shock!
– Make sure that the work area is well-illuminated.
– Do not use electric tools where there is a risk of
fire or explosion.
3 Protect yourself from electric shock
– Avoid physical contact with earthed parts (e.g.
pipes, radiators, electric ranges, cooling units).
4 Keep children away
– Do not allow other persons to touch the equip-
ment or cable, keep them away from your work
5 Securely store unused electric tools
– Unused electric tools should be stored in a dry,
elevated or closed location out of the reach of
6 Do not overload your electric tool
– They work better and more safely in the specified
output range.
7 Wear suitable clothing
– Do not wear wide clothing or jewellery, which can
become entangled in moving parts.
– Rubber gloves and non-slip shoes are recom-
mended when working outdoors.
– Tie long hair back in a hair net.
Do not use the cable for purposes for which it is
not intended
– Do not use the cable to pull the plug out of the
outlet. Protect the cable from heat, oil and sharp
Take care of your tools
– Keep your compressor clean in order to work
well and safely.
– Follow the maintenance instructions.
– Check the connection cable of the electric tool
regularly and have it replaced by a recognised
specialist when damaged.
– Check extension cables regularly and replace
them when damaged.
10 Pull the plug out of the outlet
– During non-use of the electric tool or prior to
maintenance and when replacing tools such as
saw blades, bits, milling heads.
11 Avoid inadvertent starting
– Make sure that the switch is switched off when
plugging the plug into an outlet.
12 Use extension cables for outdoors
– Only use approved and appropriately identified
extension cables for use outdoors.
– Only use cable reels in the unrolled state.
13 Remain attentive
– Pay attention to what you are doing. Remain
sensible when working. Do not use the electric
tool when you are distracted.
14 Check the electric tool for potential damage
– Protective devices and other parts must be care-
fully inspected to ensure that they are fault-free
and function as intended prior to continued use
of the electric tool.
– Check whether the moving parts function fault-
lessly and do not jam or whether parts are dam-
aged. All parts must be correctly mounted and all
conditions must be fulfilled to ensure fault-free
operation of the electric tool.
– Damaged protective devices and parts must be
properly repaired or replaced by a recognised
workshop, insofar as nothing different is speci-
fied in the operating manual.
– Damaged switches must be replaced at a cus-
tomer service workshop.
– Do not use any faulty or damaged connection
– Do not use any electric tool on which the switch
cannot be switched on and off.
15 Have your electric tool repaired by a qualified
– This electric tool conforms to the applicable
safety regulations. Repairs may only be per-
formed by an electrician using original spare
parts. Otherwise accidents can occur.
16 Important!
– For your own safety you must only use the
accessories and additional units listed in the op-
erating instructions or recommended or specified
by the manufacturer. The use of mounted tools
or accessories other than those recommended in
the operating instructions or catalog may place
your personal safety at risk.



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