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AOA connections
For details on AOA connection, see page 8.
MTP connection
A device installed with Android OS 4.0 or later can be connected to the unit via MTP, using the cable
supplied with the device. However, depending on the connected device and the numbers of the files in
the device, audio files/songs may not be able to be played back via MTP. Note that MTP connection is
not compatible with WAV and FLAC file formats.
If you use an MTP connection, [ANDROID WIRED] needs to be set to [MEMORY] in the SYSTEM settings
(page 11).
Insert the stereo mini plug into the AUX input jack.
Press SRC/OFF to select [AUX] as the source.
If [AUX] is set to [OFF] in the SYSTEM settings, [AUX] cannot be selected as a source (page 11).
You can make various adjustments in the FUNCTION settings (page 9).
Note that the following operations do not work for an AUX device. To operate an AUX
device, use the device itself.
Select a folder/album*1
Select a track/song (chapter)
Fast forward or reverse*2
Search for a file from a list
View a list of the files in the selected folder/
Play a song in the selected folder/
Press 1/
or 2/
Press and hold
1 Press
to display the list.
2 Turn the M.C. dial to select the desired
file (folder) name or category, then press
to confirm.
3 Turn the M.C. dial to select the desired
file, then press to confirm.
Playback starts.
Press the M.C. dial when a folder/category
is selected.
Press and hold the M.C. dial when a folder/
category is selected.
Alphabetical search (iPod only)
Repeat play
Random/shuffle play
Shuffle all play (iPod only)
Pause/resume playback
Sound retriever*1
Return to root folder (CD/USB only)*1
Switch between compressed audio and CD-
DA (CD only)
Change drives in USB device
(Devices that support the USB mass storage
device class protocol only)
*1 Compressed audio files only
*2 When you use the fast forward or reverse function while playing a VBR file, the playback time may
be not correct.
Useful functions for iPod
Link play mode
You can access songs based on the artist, album, or genre currently playing.
While listening to a song, press and hold
Turn the M.C. dial to select the mode ([ARTIST], [ALBUM], [GENRE]), then press to
The selected song/album will be played after the currently playing song.
The selected song/album may be canceled if you use functions other than those from the link play
mode (e.g. fast forward and reverse).
1 Press
to display the list.
2 Turn the M.C. dial to select the desired
category list, then press
to enter the
alphabetical search mode.
(Turning the M.C. dial twice also enters
the alphabetical search mode.)
3 Turn the M.C. dial to select a letter, then
press to display the alphabetical list.
To cancel alphabetical search, press BAND/
Press 6/
Press 5/
Press and hold 5/
Press 4/PAUSE.
Press 3/S.Rtrv.
[1]: Effective for low compression rates
[2]: Effective for high compression rates
Press and hold
Press BAND/
Press BAND/
to enter the link play mode.



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