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General Safety Instructions - Parkside PNTS 250 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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General safety instructions

instructions refers to mains-operated electric
tools (with a mains cable) and to battery-op-
erated electric tools (without a mains cable).
Safe operation:
Keep work area clear. Cluttered
areas and benches invite injuries.
Consider work area environ-
- Do not expose tools to rain. Do not
use tools in damp or wet locations.
Water entering a power tool will in-
crease the risk of electric shock.
- Keep work area well lit.
- Do not use tools in the presence of
Power tools create sparks which may
ignite the dust or fumes.
Guard against electric shock.
Avoid body contact with earthed or
grounded surfaces (e.g. pipes, radia-
tors, ranges, refrigerators).
Keep other persons away.
Do not let persons, especially children,
not involved in the work touch the tool
or the extension cord and keep them
away from the work area.
Store idle tools. When not in use,
tools should be stored in a dry locked-
up place, out of reach of children.
Do not force the tool.
the job better and safer at the rate for
which it was intended.
Use the right tool.
- Do not force small tools to do the job
of a heavy duty tool.
- Do not use tools for purposes not
intended; for example do not use cir-
cular saws to cut tree limbs or logs.
Use of the power tool for operations dif-
ferent from those intended could result
in a hazardous situation.
Dress properly.
- Do not wear loose clothing or jewel-
lery, they can be caught in moving
- Anti-slip footwear is recommended
when working outdoors.
- Wear protective hair covering to con-
tain long hair.
Use protective equipment.
- Use safety glasses.
- Use face or dust mask if working op-
erations create dust.
Connect dust extraction equip-
connection of dust extraction and col-
lecting equipment, ensure these are con-
nected and properly used.
Do not abuse the cord. Never
yank the cord do disconnect it from the
socket. Keep the cord away from heat,
oil and sham edges.
Secure work. Where possible use
safer than using your hand.
Do not overreach. Keep proper foot-
ing and balance at all times.
tool in unexpected situations.
Maintain tools with care.
maintained power tools.
- Keep cutting tools sharp and clean for
better and safer performance.
- Follow instruction for lubricating and
changing accessories.
damaged have them repaired by an
authorized service facility.
and replace if damaged.
- Keep handles dry, clean and free
from oil and grease.
Disconnect tools. When not in use,




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