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• The projection on the knife block must be in the recess
of the screw-on base.
• Never forget to place the seal ring onto the knife block,
as otherwise the mixing jug will leak.
• Never screw in the screw-on base inclined.
1. Fill the chopped ingredients into the mixing jug.
2. Press the lid tightly onto the mixing jug.
3. Close the filling opening with the cap. Set the cap into the
filling opening and tighten it by turning it anticlockwise.
4. Set the rotary control to "0".
5. Make sure that the arm has been lowered and is
6. Remove the safety cover (2) from the drive shaft of the
mixer drive. Press and shift the grooved surface.
7. Set the mixing jug onto the drive shaft of the mixer drive.
Set the mixing jug with the arrow
base unit. Turn the mixing jug clockwise up to the stop.
The two arrows
must be one above the other.
• Disconnect from mains power supply before cleaning.
• Do not submerge the appliance into water. This may lead to elec-
tric shock or fire.
• The knives of the mixing vessel are sharp. Risk of injury!
• Do not use a wire brush or other abrasive utensils for
• Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents.
Motor Housing
Clean the housing only with a damp cloth and a squirt of
washing-up liquid.
Mixing Bowl, Kneading and Mixing Attachments
The attachments are not suitable for dishwasher. Heat
and aggressive cleaning agents may warp or discolour the
• Parts which have come into contact with food can be
rinsed out with water.
• Leave the parts to dry properly before re-assembling the
8. Plug the power plug into a certified outlet.
9. Select a speed.
• Short-interval operation: When mixing, do not operate
the appliance for longer than 2 minutes. Allow to cool for
1 minute before using it again.
• To refill with ingredients, switch off the appliance.
Remove the cap or the lid. Continue operation only with
the attached lid and closed refill opening.
Ending Operation
1. Set the control knob to "0".
2. Disconnect the mains plug.
3. Remove the mixing vessel.
4. Remove the lid before pouring out the ingredients.
5. Clean the used parts as described under "Cleaning".
6. Cover the motor shaft of the mixer motor with the safety
over the dot
of the
Never keep citrus juices or acidic foodstuffs in metal
Accessories of the Mixer
Fill the mixing container half with water and run the appli-
ance for approx. 10 seconds. Dispose of the liquid.
The knives on the knife block are sharp. Be careful when
disassembling, cleaning, and assembling the individual
• To clean properly, remove the mixing vessel.
• Disassemble the mixing jug after each use.
• Unscrew the screw-on base from the mixing jug.
• Remove the knife block and the seal ring from the screw-
on base.
• The glass carafe of the mixing jug and the lid can be
cleaned in a warm rinsing bath. Rinse with pure water
and dry.
NOTE: Pre-cleaning
WARNING: Risk of injury!



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