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LED floodlight with PIR
Item no. 627899 (with 10 W-LED)
Item no. 627900 (with 20 W-LED)
Item no. 627901 (with 30 W-LED)
Item no. 1205836 (with 50 W-LED)
Intended use
The product is intended to provide outdoor lighting. The built-in PIR motion detector responds
to temperature changes within the detection range (e.g. if a person enters the detection range)
and activates the LED floodlight for an adjustable period of time.
The safety instructions must be observed at all times!
Any use other than that described above could lead to damage to this product and involves
the risk of short circuits, fire, electric shock, etc. No part of the product may be modified or
This product complies with the applicable national and European requirements. All names of
companies and products are the trademarks of the respective owners. All rights reserved.
Package Contents
• LED floodlight with motion detector
• Operating instructions
Explanation of Symbols, Inscriptions
This symbol indicates a health hazard, e.g. electric shock.
The icon with an exclamation mark indicates particular hazards associated with han-
dling, function or operation.
The "Hand" symbol indicates special tips and operating information.
Defective safety glass must be replaced immediately; if the safety glass
is defective, the product must not be used.
The product cannot be dimmed.
Observe the operating instructions!
Safety Instructions
Read the complete operating manual carefully before using the product, as it
contains important information about the proper installation and operation.
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe
these safety instructions! We do not assume any liability for any resulting
We shall not accept liability for damage to property or personal injury caused
by incorrect handling or non-compliance with the safety instructions! The
warranty will be void in such cases!
The product may be installed only by a qualified technician (e.g. electrician)
who is familiar with the relevant regulations (e.g. VDE, German electrical wir-
ing regulations)!
Improper work carried out at the mains voltage endangers not only your life
but also the life of others!
If you do not have the expertise required for the installation, do not install it
yourself but entrust the work to a qualified electrician.
a) General
• Unauthorised conversion and/or modification of the product is not allowed for
safety and approval reasons (CE).
• The product is not a toy and does not belong in the hands of children. There is
danger of a life-threatening electric shock!
• If it can be assumed that safe operation is no longer possible, the device must be
turned off (take out corresponding fuse or switch off automatic cut-out; switch off
corresponding ground fault circuit interrupter) and precautions are to be taken to
ensure that it is not used unintentionally. After this, arrange for an expert to check
the product.
Version 06/14
Safe operation can no longer be assumed if:
- the product shows visible signs of damage
- the product does not work at all or works poorly (where there is flickering light,
leaking smoke or a smell of burning, audible crackling noises, or discolouration
of the product or to adjacent surfaces)
- the product was stored under unfavourable conditions
- it was exposed to heavy loads during transport
• Never direct a jet of water (e.g. for cleaning) from a garden hose or high-pressure
cleaner, or similar source, onto the product!
• Caution, LED light:
Do not look directly into the LED light!
Do not look into the beam directly or with optical instruments!
• In commercial institutions, the accident prevention regulations of the Employer's
Liability Insurance Association for Electrical Systems and Operating Facilities are
to be observed.
• Do not leave packaging material carelessly lying around, since it could become a
dangerous plaything for children.
• If you have any questions that are not answered in this manual, please contact our
technical service or another specialist.
b) Installation
• The product is protected according to IP44; it can be mounted and operated in
indoor and outdoor areas.
The product is suitable for use outdoors; however, it must never be used in or
under water!
• Do not use this product in rooms that are under adverse environmental conditions
where combustible gases, vapours or dust are or may be present! There is a risk
of explosion!
• Handle the product with care; it has sharp edges.
• The product must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, strong vibrations or
heavy mechanical stress.
• When installing, make sure that the connecting cable is not bent, jammed or dam-
aged by sharp edges.
• Do not attach any items (e.g. decorations) to the product; there is a risk of fire!
c) Connection
• The product may be operated only on the mains voltage (see section "Technical
Data"). Never try to operate the device using any other voltage.
During installation, all poles must be disconnected from the mains voltage (e.g. via
• The product is designed according to Protection Class I; the protective earth con-
ductor must be connected.
If there is not a mains supply provided with a protective earth conductor at the
place of installation, the product must not be connected/used there. In this case,
install a new voltage supply with a protective earth wire.
• Connection is allowed only under zero voltage/current conditions. First switch off
all poles of the mains supply by removing the fuse or switching off at the circuit
breaker; then also switch off the associated residual current circuit breaker. Secure
it against unauthorised reconnection, e.g. with a danger sign.
Afterwards check that the mains cable is voltage-free using a suitable tester before
you carry out the connection.
• The product cannot be dimmed.
• Make sure that all electrical connections and connection cables correspond to the
regulations and to their operating instructions.



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