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Freezing Food - Bauknecht GTE 220 A3+ Gebrauchsanweisung

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• To check the appliance temperature setting at any time,
press one of the temperature adjustment buttons once.
The set value will blink for 5 seconds, after which the
internal temperature of the freezer will be displayed
NOTE: in the event of a power failure, settings
remain memorised. The time required for the
temperature inside the freezer to reach the set
value can vary according to the weather conditions
and the temperature setting; in any case
temperature variations are displayed with some
ECO function
ECONOMY mode is recommended when the appliance is
only partly loaded, below the level of the "e" on the
separator. To set the ECO function:
• Press one of the temperature adjustment buttons (2;
• The digital display (1) will blink, showing the previous
temperature setting.
• Press the button (3) several times as required to
increase the temperature until the value EC appears on
the digital display.
NOTE: if the large load freeze function is activated
when the appliance is in ECO mode, the ECO mode
is automatically deactivated for the entire duration
of the function.
The Green Intelligence function is automatically activated
in the following cases:
Lid opening
• The function activates when lid opening causes the
internal temperature to increase to values that do not
ensure safe storage of food and remains active until
optimal storage conditions have been restored.
Loading food to be frozen
• The function activates when fresh food is placed in the
freezer and remains active until optimal freezing
conditions are reached so as to ensure the best
freezing quality with the lowest power consumption.
NOTE: the duration of the Green Intelligence function is
calculated according to the amount of food loaded in the
freezer, the amount of food already inside the freezer and
the outside temperature. Therefore significant duration
variations are quite normal.
Control panel lock
• This function prevents anyone from inadvertently
changing settings.
• Once this function has been selected, even if a button is
pressed the corresponding function is not activated.
• To lock the control panel, press buttons (2) and (7)
together for about 3 seconds until the display shows
the symbol
before showing the set temperature
• To unlock the control panel, follow the same
procedure: when the symbol
disappears, the control
panel lock is deactivated.
• Temperature alarm
Signals that the internal temperature is above -12°C.
The acoustic alarm sounds and the red LED (8) flashes.
To deactivate the acoustic alarm, press the button (7).
The LED (8) will continue to flash until the
temperature falls below -12°C.
Note: in these circumstances the Green Intelligence LED
is activated automatically until normal storage conditions
are restored.
• Prolonged power failure alarm
Indicates that the internal temperature has risen above
-8°C following a power failure.
The acoustic alarm sounds, the red LED (8) blinks and
the digital display (I) flashes, showing the highest
temperature reached during the power failure. Press
the button (7); the digital display shows the current
internal temperature again.
Note: in these cases the Green Intelligence LED is
activated automatically.
• Sensor alarm
Indicates a temperature sensor fault.
The acoustic alarm sounds, the red LED (8) blinks and
the digital display shows "SF". In these circumstances,
contact the After-Sales Service.
NOTE: the temperature alarm may also be
activated after loading fresh food or prolonged door
opening; in any case, this does not affect the perfect
preservation of already frozen food. A power failure,
on the other hand, may compromise the
preservation of frozen food, in which case make
sure to check the food to avoid any risk.


Preparing fresh food for freezing
• Wrap and seal the fresh food in: aluminium foil, cling
film, plastic bags, polyethylene containers with lids,
provided they are suitable for freezing food.
• Food must be fresh, mature and of prime quality in
order to obtain high quality frozen food.
• Fresh fruit and vegetables should preferably be frozen
as soon as they are picked to maintain the full original
nutritional value, consistency, colour and flavour.
• Always leave hot food to cool before placing it inside
the appliance.
Freezing fresh food
• Place foods to be frozen in direct contact with the walls
of the appliance (Fig 5):
A) - foods to be frozen,
B) - foods already frozen.
• Avoid placing foods to be frozen in direct contact with
food already frozen.
• For best and fastest freezing, food should be split into
small portions; this will also be useful when the frozen
items are to be used.
• If the amount of food placed in the freezer is less than
10-12 kg, appliance operation will be automatically
controlled by the "Green Intelligence" function (see
section "Green Intelligence Function") and the user is

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