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Radio LCD Remote Control "RSLT"
Item no. 64 03 75 (color: Black)
Item no. 64 64 88 (color: White)
Use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
The radio remote control can wirelessly switch a suitable radio-controlled remote switch of the RSL system
(or a user connected to it) on or off.
The radio remote control is powered by two batteries of type AAA/Micro.
Any other use than that described above may damage the product. Moreover, this may give rise to hazards
such as short-circuiting, fi re, electric shock, etc. No part of the product may be modifi ed or converted!
Always observe the safety instructions included in these operating instructions. Please read the operating
instructions carefully and store them.
This product complies with the applicable National and European requirements. All names of companies and
products are the trademarks of the respective owner. All rights reserved.
Package Contents
• Remote control
• Operating Instructions
Safety Instructions
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe these safety
instructions! We do not assume any liability for any consequential damage!
Nor do we assume any liability for material and personal damage caused by improper use
or non-compliance with the safety instructions! In such cases, the warranty will be void!
• The unauthorised conversion and/or modifi cation of the product is not allowed for safety and
approval reasons (CE).
• The product is not a toy and should be kept out of the reach of children!
• Do not use this product in hospitals or medical institutions. Although the transmitter in the
radio remote control emits only relatively weak radio signals, these may lead to malfunction of
life-support systems. The same may be the case in other areas.
• The product must not get damp or wet!
• Do not use this product in rooms or under adverse ambient conditions where combustible
gases, vapours or dust are or may be present! There is a risk of explosion!
• The product must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, strong vibrations or heavy me-
chanical stress.
• Do not leave packing materials unattended. They may become dangerous playthings for chil-
• Handle the product with care; it can be damaged by impacts, blows, or accidental drops, even
from a low height.
Notes on batteries/rechargeable batteries
• Batteries/rechargeable batteries do not belong in the hands of children.
• Do not leave batteries/rechargeable batteries lying around; they could be swallowed by children or pets. If
swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.
• Leaking, or damaged batteries/rechargeable batteries, in contact with the skin can cause acid burns,
therefore, use suitable protective gloves.
• Batteries/rechargeable batteries must not be short-circuited, opened or thrown into a fi re. There is a risk of
• Do not recharge normal, non-rechargeable batteries, risk of explosion! Only charge rechargeable batteries
that are intended for this purpose; use a suitable battery charger.
• If it is not to be used for a while (e.g. storage), remove the batteries/rechargeable batteries. If batteries/
rechargeable batteries are too old, they may leak and cause damage to the product, which will lead to the
loss of the warranty/guarantee!
• Check that the polarity is correct when inserting the batteries/rechargeable batteries (pay attention to
plus/+ and minus/-).
• Always replace the whole set of batteries/rechargeable batteries. Do not mix fully charged batteries with
ones that are half full.
• Never mix normal batteries with rechargeable batteries. Either use 2 batteries or 2 rechargeable batteries.
• For the environmentally friendly disposal of batteries/rechargeable batteries, please read the chapter "Dis-
Inserting/replacing the batteries
Open the battery compartment on the back of the radio remote control. Insert two batteries of type AAA/Micro
with the correct polarity (pay attention to +/Plus and -/Minus; see the description in the battery compartment
and on the batteries). Close the battery compartment.
The batteries need changing if the range of the radio remote control decreases signifi cantly or if the display
contrast decreases noticeably.SCIB
Version 04/11
10 "DEL" button: Activate frost protection (if the temperature-dependent switch function is activated). In
11 "ALL-OFF" button: Deactivates all receivers of all switch groups
Setting weekday and time
Press and hold the "CLK" button until the weekday blinks in the LC display. Set the weekday with the buttons
"ALL-ON" or "ALL-OFF".
Briefl y press the "CLK" button; the hours fl ash. Change the hours with the buttons "ALL-ON" or "ALL-OFF".
Briefl y press the "CLK" button; the minutes fl ash. Change the minutes with the buttons "ALL-ON" or "ALL-
OFF". Briefl y press the "CLK" button again; the setting is saved and the setting mode closes.
Set weekly switch times
Press and hold the "PROG" button until the day blocks in the LC display begin to blink ("MO....SU" = Monday
to Sunday or "MO....FR" = Monday to Friday).
The blinking value can be changed with the buttons "ALL-ON" or "ALL-OFF". The "PROG" button is used to
confi rm the settings. Press "DEL" to delete the setting.
1. The day block fl ashes. Select the desired day block ("MO....SU" = Monday to Sunday or "MO....FR" =
Monday to Friday). Confi rm the settings, as described above, by pressing the "PROG" button. Now the
desired turn-on time ("ON") can be programmed.
2. The hours blink. Set the desired hour and confi rm the settings.
3. The minutes blink. Set the desired minutes and confi rm the entry.
4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 to program the desired turn-off time ("OFF").
5. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 to set as many as 10 switch time groups. One switch time group always consists of
one turn-on time ("ON") and one turn-off time ("OFF").
Setting the countdown time
Press the "CD" button briefl y to access the countdown mode. The current timer time appears in the display.
• Press and hold the "CD" button until the "ON" or "OFF" indicator blinks. In addition, "CD" appears below in the
display. Change the setting as usual with the buttons "ALL-ON" or "ALL-OFF".
"ON": Radio receiver is switched on for the duration of the countdown.
"OFF": Radio receiver is switched off for the duration of the countdown.
After the countdown timer runs out, the original state is restored.
• Briefl y press the "CD" button. The hours blink; set them with the buttons "ALL-ON" or "ALL-OFF".
• Briefl y press the "CD" button. The minutes blink; set them with the buttons "ALL-ON" or "ALL-OFF".
• Briefl y press the "CD" button once more; the setting is thereby ended, and the timer starts. To stop the
timer run and to reset the timer, briefl y press the "CD" button.
Random mode
The receivers recognized in switch group IV on Channel 3 (labelled "RND") are activated or deactivated at
random time intervals.
Setting the temperature switching limits
• Press and hold the "TEMP" button until the temperature indicator in the LC display blinks; to the left near
the temperature value, the indicator "ON" appears (turn-on temperature).
• Set the turn-on temperature with the buttons "ALL-ON" or "ALL-OFF" (if the receiver should be switched
off, it will be switched on when the temperature drops below this value).
LC Display
Keypad: Keypad for switching between channels 1 to 4 (left
column "ON" = activate the programmed receiver, right column
"OFF" = deactivate the programmed receiver). The switching
channels are named PROG, CD, RND, TEMP to identify which
switching channel is assigned to which function.
"ALL-ON" button: Activates all receivers of all switch groups
Selection switch for switch groups "I," "II," "III," "IV": Controls the
four channels per switch group (with the buttons "ON" and "OFF").
The special functions for the countdown mode (Channel 1), week-
ly switch program (Channel 2), Random Mode (Channel 3) and
temperature-controlled switch function (Channel 4) are available
only in Switch Group "IV"!
"CLK" Button: Press long: Set weekday and time
"PROG" button: Press long: Set weekly switch times; press briefl y:
Activate/deactivate weekly switch times
"CD" button: Press long: Set countdown; press briefl y: Activate/
deactivate Countdown Mode
"RND" button: Press briefl y: Activate/deactivate Random Mode
"TEMP" button: Press long: Call up temperature setting mode; press briefl y: Activate/deactivate
temperature-dependent switch function
certain modes, also serves to reset the set values.
Only those radio receivers recognized in the switch group IV on Channel 2 (labelled "PROG")
are switched.
The countdown mode can be used only by those radio receivers recognized in the switch group
IV on Channel 1 (labelled "CD").
The Random Mode can be used only by those radio receivers recognized in the switch group IV
on Channel 3 (labelled "RND").
Only receivers recognized in the switch group IV on Channel 4 (labelled "TEMP") can be
switched depending on the temperature.



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