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Proper Use - Beko BEKOMAT 13 Installationanleitung Und Betriebsanleitung

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Malfunctions in the application!
Through incorrect installation and insufficient maintenance, the BEKOMAT can malfunction. Condensate
which is not discharged can lead to damage to plants and in manufacturing processes.
• Fail-safe condensate discharge directly optimises the compressed-air quality.
• To prevent damage and failures, it is imperative
• To comply with the provisions regarding proper use and with the operating parameters of the BEKOMAT in connection
with the case of application (see chapter "Proper use").
• To strictly adhere to the installation and operating advice in these instructions.
• To maintain and check the BEKOMAT at regular intervals in accordance with the advice in these operating instructions.

Proper use

• The BEKOMAT is an electronically level-controlled condensate drain for compressed-air plants.
• It is employed within the permissible operating parameters (see "Technical data").
• The BEKOMAT is able to drain condensate under operating pressure from the plant components virtually without compres-
sed-air losses.
• For its function, the BEKOMAT 13 requires an operating voltage and an operating pressure (see "Technical data").
• As far as the employment in plants with increased demands on the compressed-air quality is concerned (food industry, me-
dical technology, laboratory equipment, special processes etc.), the operator must decide on measures for the monitoring
of the compressed-air quality. These have an effect on the safety of the subsequent processes and may prevent damage to
persons and plants.
• It is the task of the operator to ensure that the indicated conditions are met during the entire operating time.
• For the employment in CO
• The BEKOMAT and the condensate supply line need to be protected against frost, as otherwise the function cannot be gua-
ranteed. BEKO also offers suitable products for this purpose.
Exclusion from the field of application
• The BEKOMAT as a condensate drain alone cannot guarantee a defined compressed-air quality, for this purpose, other
additional technical devices are required.
• BEKOMAT 13 is not suitable for use in plants carrying vacuum or atmospheric ambient pressure or in hazardous areas.
• The BEKOMAT must not be exposed to permanent direct solar or thermal radiation.
• BEKOMAT 13 must not be installed and operated in areas with an aggressive atmosphere.
BEKOMAT 13, 13 CO, 13 CO PN25, 13 CO PN40
plants, a BEKOMAT with a CO specification (BEKOMAT ... CO) must be used.



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