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Supply voltage!
There is the risk of an electric shock involving injury or death when coming into contact with non-insulated
components carrying supply voltage.
• During electric installations, all regulations in force need to be adhered to (e.g. VDE 0100 / IEC 60364).
• Service measures must only be undertaken when the system is deactivated!
• All types of electrical work must be carried out by authorised and qualified personnel only.
• At an AC supply, a reliably accessible separator must be provided close-by (e.g. power plug or switch), which
separates all current-carrying conductors
• If the potential-free contact carries voltage that is dangerous in the case of contact, a corresponding separator
must also be provided.
• The provided 24 VDC voltage must meet the requirements for protective extra-low voltages (PELV) in accordance with IEC
Between terminals KL 5 "±24V" - KL 6 "±24V" of the VCD devices and housings or condensate connections, there is no gal-
vanic isolation.
As regards tests, for example protective conductor tests in accordance with VDE 0701-0702 / IEC 85/361/CD, it must be ob-
served that there is only a connection for the establishment of a functional earthing between the touchable conductive parts
of the device and the protective conductor base, and no protective connection capable of carrying current.
Tighten the threaded cable connection with a slightly sealing effect.
Potential-free contact
Via the potential-free contact, the alarm signal can be transmitted (i.e. to a control system). The switch-over contact can be
operated in the fail-safe mode.
For example, if supply voltage is applied and if the BEKOMAT functions trouble-free, the alarm relay is activated. The normally-
open contact (0.7-0.8) is closed.
If no supply voltage is applied or if a trouble indication occurs, the alarm relay is released. The normally-open contact is open
External test button (optional)
With this button, accumulated condensate can be discharged systematically via remote control. Here, the normal test-button
function is additionally led out of the BEKOMAT. When the external contact is closed, the valve opens. Observe the additional
Between the protective conductor/PE connection and the piping, a potential difference is not admissible. If required,
potential equalisation in accordance with VDE 0100 / IEC 60364 must be provided for.
BEKOMAT 13, 13 CO, 13 CO PN25, 13 CO PN40
Elektrical Installation



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