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Additional Safety Instructions For Grinding And Cutting-Off Operations - Parkside PMGS 12 C3 Bedienungsanleitung

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uncontrolled power tool to be forced in the direction
opposite of the accessory's rotation.
For example, if an abrasive wheel is snagged or
pinched by the workpiece, the edge of the wheel
that is entering into the pinch point can dig into the
surface of the material causing the wheel to climb
out or kick out. The wheel may either jump toward
or away from the operator, depending on direction
of the wheel's movement at the point of pinching.
Abrasive wheels may also break under these con-
Kickback is the result of power tool misuse and / or
incorrect operating procedures or conditions and
can be avoided by taking proper precautions as
given below.
a) Maintain a firm grip on the power tool
and position your body and arm to al-
low you to resist kickback forces. The
operator can control kickback forces, if proper
precautions are taken.
b) Use special care when working corners,
sharp edges etc. Avoid bouncing and
snagging the accessory. Corners, sharp
edges or bouncing have a tendency to snag the
rotating accessory and cause loss of control or
c) Do not attach a toothed saw blade. Such
blades create frequent kickback and loss of
d) Always feed the bit into the material
in the same direction as the cutting
edge is exiting from the material (which
is the same direction as the chips are
thrown). Feeding the tool in the wrong direc-
tion causes the cutting edge of the bit to climb
out of the work and pull the tool in the direction
of this feed.
e) When using rotary files, cut-off wheels,
high-speed cutters or tungsten carbide
cutters, always have the work securely
clamped. These wheels will grab if they be-
come slightly canted in the groove, and can
kickback. When a cut-off wheel grabs, the
wheel itself usually breaks. When a rotary file,
General safety advice for electrical power tools
high-speed cutter or tungsten carbide cutter
grabs, it may jump from the groove and you
could lose control of the tool.
Additional safety instructions
for grinding and cutting-off
Safety warnings specific for grinding and
abrasive cutting-off operations:
a) Use only wheel types that are recom-
mended for your power tool and only
for recommended applications.
For example: do not grind with the
side of a cut-off wheel. Abrasive cut-off
wheels are intended for peripheral grinding,
side forces applied to these wheels may cause
them to shatter.
b) For threaded abrasive cones and plugs
use only undamaged wheel mandrels
with an unrelieved shoulder flange that
are of correct size and length. Proper man-
drels will reduce the possibility of breakage.
c) Do not "jam" a cut-off wheel or apply
excessive pressure. Do not attempt to
make an excessive depth of cut. Over-
stressing the wheel increases the loading and
susceptibility to twisting or snagging of the wheel
in the cut and the possibility of kickback or wheel
d) Do not position your hand in line with
and behind the rotating wheel. When
the wheel, at the point of operation, is moving
away from your hand, the possible kickback may
propel the spinning wheel and the power tool
directly at you.
e) When wheel is pinched, snagged or
when interrupting a cut for any reason,
switch off the power tool and hold the
power tool motionless until the wheel
comes to a complete stop. never attempt
to remove the cut-off wheel from the
cut while the wheel is in motion other-
wise kickback may occur. Investigate and
take corrective action to eliminate the cause of
wheel pinching or snagging.



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