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Nachtsichtgerätx premium 7 x m


(GB) Operating Instructions
Night Vision Device NV 9700 Premium 7 x M
Item no. 31539
1. Function
This night vision device is specifically and exclusively intended to enable vision in
darkness. Absorbed low levels of light are intensified, electronically converted, and
a visible image is facilitated by the use of specific technology. The night vision de-
vice can be used also in complete darkness because of this and the additional in-
frared light source.
The operating principles of the night vision device
Low levels of light are almost always present in any dark environment, particularly
outdoors; this could be because of meteorological conditions, astronomical pro-
cesses, reflection caused by constructions, water etc. The low levels of light are
absorbed by an objective lens (gathered) and reach the front part of a special in-
tensifier tube. Here, supported by extra power supply, the electrons which strike
the phosphorous screen are dislodged through the incidence of light. This causes
the screen to light up (which is why the image is always green), and an electronically
generated copy of the image, which has been projected by the lens, is generated.
The ocular lens located behind the phosphorous screen magnifies the image and
enables focusing according to individual eye-sight (dioptre adjustment). This feature
is installed for both of the ocular lenses. In addition, a connectable infrared light
source is available, which is an artificial source of light that is non-visible for the
human eye, but has brightening properties for the night vision equipment. Thus,
the device can be used also in complete darkness.